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About Grace-Ann Johnson

Grace-Ann Johnson is an experienced Life Coach and Finance Professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in financial and coaching roles; where she has encouraged and guided  employees and colleagues alike to advance their professional and personal lives. She has worked for well-known and award winning hotels such as: W-Hotels, New York Palace, Omni Berkshire-New York, The James SoHo, among others.

Her love for connecting and building relationships, helping and teaching others to unlock their true potential and grow their knowledge in finance; mixed with her distinct managerial style has afforded her the opportunity to understand what it takes to make businesses and leaders successful, lucrative and balanced. 


Early Life

Born on the sunny island of Jamaica, Grace-Ann was the second youngest child of thirteen siblings, and the last girl child to be born. From an early age she was placed in a unique position to learn from and connect with her various brothers and sisters that spanned age ranges and personality types. These early interactions allowed her to nurture her gift for genuinely connecting and understanding people across all walks of life.  


Grace-Ann's love of community and family was inspired by her mother, Evelyn Chin who emphasized the importance of helping others and always putting God at the center of all that she does. Being a first generation college graduate she was able to utilize her education, values and love of people to help guide and encourage her family, friends and colleagues to build better lives.



Personal Life

Grace-Ann knows that she is a vessel of God, and because of this she has been called by God to serve in her church community for over 20 years. As the wife of Pastor Johnson, and more recently a first lady of a new church, Grace-Ann has been given the opportunity to serve her church community in a leadership role, that further utilizes her God-given talents and education. Her knack for building relationships, unconditional love for people, and her finance acumen/experience allows her to engage with different communities and provide encouragement and bring about positive and meaningful change.

Grace-Ann is also a proud mom of three amazing boys that lights up her world, and constantly pushes her to make a difference in all aspects of her life.  

New Chapter 

After years as a highly-accomplished finance executive in corporate America, Grace-Ann chose to fully trust God, by stepping out of her fear, and into her passion and purpose as a full-time Life Coach.


She decided to pursue her true-calling after a heart-breaking, but much needed revelation from her oldest son who one day said, “Mommy, I woke up this morning and I didn’t see you and now I am going to bed and still I don’t see you.” Due to Grace-Ann's demanding position, that had her working late nights, she often didn't get to spend the evenings and early mornings, with her children during the work week. Her oldest son's words broke her heart, but also sparked a fire in her to take action and to seek out her true calling; that was fully in alignment with her values and God-given gifts and talents.


Grace-Ann knows first-hand the fear and uncertainty in taking the first, transformative step, but also knew that the divine purpose that God has placed within her had to take precedence over these concerns. After all we were put on this earth to fulfill our God-given purpose. Once she decided to step into her purpose she created robust plans of action, tools, guides and resources to help others understand that they too can step out of fear and inadequacy and into being more than ENOUGH. 

The rich foundation set by her mother, genuine love for building relationships, teaching others, authenticity, and business acumen has provided the basis for her new chapter: 

Grace is Enough

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