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4.4 Million People Quit in September, Are You Next?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

When in the world will this come to a halt?

Gone are the days when sticking to a job till retirement was the order of the day. The table has turned. The saying, "Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy" is true for all seasons. Happiness is an experience that should not be compromised, not even for a career or job. The world keeps changing, so also the 'slavery mentality has given way to the liberation of minds - yes, freedom may be expensive but everyone desires it, people who know their worth will quit a job that gives them no satisfaction and peace of mind.

Quitting jobs has become the order of the day, statistics for September as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor testify to this. To no one's surprise, the numbers increased to 4.4 Million or 3% additional people to quit the workforce at will This means another 164 thousand over August's 4.2 Million brave souls have decided to believe in themselves and take action.

“Job openings saw slight change month over month”

What does this mean for employers with job openings, employees who are feeling stuck or unappreciated as well as those who left without a plan? Stay tuned as you read in paragraphs to come.

Where are People Quitting

I know my worth!

The Leisure & Hospitality leads the way in quits for the month of September(987) and was second behind the Trade, Transportation, and Utility over the past months which was 1.04 Million. In my perspective, people are no longer willing to work long hours and weekends or accept low pay for services they render. They are indeed tired of putting up with the Bureaucratic Hierarchy of the industry.

Why is this happening now you may ask?

The internet has successfully turned the world into a global village and with it are myriads of 'eye opener' opportunities for making money without mental slavery.

I know my worth! So, ask me if I am willing to trade my family, dreams, and aspirations for a job that makes me follow a routine like a robot. I will tell you to keep looking because I’m not willing to give up freedom and fulfillment.

It is amazing that Accommodations and Food Services experienced a downsize with 863 thousand people bidding it farewell, this was expected due to significant closures of restaurants. Employment overall in the foodservice sector is down, nearly a million jobs from pre-pandemic levels, and restaurants continue to close, says Laura Reiley, in the Washington Post on October 8, 2021,

Let's be clear, however, that these numbers are separations and not layoffs or retirements.

Health Care and Social Assistance continue to experience dismal numbers with over 589 thousand people leaving the bedside in September as a result of burnout, pandemic servitude, early retirement, and those against Covid Vaccination to say the least. The September numbers are 37 thousand additional people from the August results who decided to live a life of fulfillment and freedom.

While the Retail Industry saw 45 thousand fewer resignations than the prior month, employers in this sector will still have to find people to not only fill the positions but also stop the bleeding if the retail stores are ever to make it out of this pandemic strong.

Where the jobs are

You have options!

The latest report from The Department of Labor Statistics reported that there are +141K jobs in Health Care, another +114K in State and Local Government, and +51K in Wholesale Trade to name a few who are waiting to say come join the team, we like you.

Jobs are all over and in pretty much every industry. You have a choice of which company to work with as well as the industry. Currently, there are 10 job openings for every 7 unemployed individuals.

Before you go after your next job, here are three things to consider:

  • Why are you leaving? Don't make the same mistake twice. Identify if you're leaving as a result of the people, culture, pay, or workload.

  • Create a list of what you are truly looking for. Circle your must-haves for the next move in your life.

  • What will your next to be, help someone else build their company or start yours?

Remember, before accepting the next role, you have the option of getting other offers. So, take your time and process it all, prior to accepting any offers.

You also have the advantage of negotiating your pay rate and ensuring that you aren't settling for lower than your worth.

When in the World Will the Great Resignation End?

No one knows when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will subside. While there are signs of recovery, we are still months away from normal numbers for unemployment, job openings, and hires.

These are great and exciting times for both job seekers and those jumping ship. The huge vault of jobs that are available, provides many options for job seekers as well as those jumping ship.

Job seekers now have the opportunity to choose their employer and not the other way round.

You also have the benefit of dictating your terms. Consider the work-life wholeness you dream about and then demand it.

Lead in full authority wherever you go to work and give it 100%. Make sure that you are in alignment with your core beliefs.

On the other hand, if you are one who jumped ship for a life of freedom and fulfillment, being unstuck and finally deciding to live the life of freedom you've desired for so long, I celebrate you. Welcome onboard the ship of those who venture where others fear to tread. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

The running total of separations over the last 12 months ending September 2021 totaled 67.7 million which will increase once October's numbers come out.

There are still a number of people out there on the ledge waiting for a potential bonus payout once the year comes to a close.

If that's you, I'd like to offer a few of the steps that I used for a smooth exit after over 20 years of working in Corporate America.

  • Identify what your next steps are, as I mentioned in my book Transition to FREEDOM - 9 Steps to Leaving the Workforce in 9 Months

  • Set some goals, commit to them, and then take action.

  • Surround yourself with some strong support people who push you to accomplish your vision. A coach or mentor can help you to transition

  • Get help with your mindset because if you don't, the limited mindset can hold you back.

  • Work on changing behaviors. Bad habits won't leverage your growth.

These are just a few steps that I personally took to confidently leave the workforce then build my own coaching and consulting practice.

Point of the matter: You now have the upper hand as the employee, jobseeker, and those who are considering transitioning from the workforce to entrepreneurship. Now is the time to make your move. My book, 'Transition to Freedom' illustrates several ways to leave the workforce; to be fired, pushed out, or leave on your own.

Remember, destinies are shaped in the moments of decisions. Now is the time!

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